Tips For Selecting the Finest PCMC Colleges in Bangalore

Parents and students consider several factors when settling on a pre-university college. These factors include the quality of academic programs, the expertise of teaching staff, the sophistication of physical infrastructure, and the availability of supplementary services like preparation for competitive exams. There are many considerations beyond prestige while picking the best PCMC colleges in Bangalore.

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What to Consider Before Enrolling at a PCMC College in Bangalore


Most students choose one of three major educational systems: the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the International Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), or the State Boards of Education. An in-depth understanding of subjects is provided to pupils in the ICSE, making it challenging to achieve high scores. Contrarily, CBSE is less challenging than ICSE. The State Boards are the least difficult, and passing them frees time for students to study for other tests. CBSE and state boards of education use NCERT textbooks that help students in competitive exams.

Availability of Integrated Courses

Taking integrated courses in your first and second years at PU College will prepare you for competitive tests. It is more convenient for students to prepare for both PU and competitive exams simultaneously. The best PCMC colleges in Bangalore typically provide test preparation courses for prestigious exams like the IIT-JEE and the National Defense Academy entrance exam.


These days, even the most basic amenities for a college campus include things like a fully wired and connected campus, security cameras, an ambulance service, a library with computer labs, and digital classrooms for online courses. In addition to the amenities above, they also provide theatre for arts and drama, clubs for extracurricular activities, and on-campus healthcare services.


Among the most fundamental criteria to consider when selecting a college is whether or not the faculty has at least six years of relevant teaching experience in physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, Hindi, and Kannada. To do well on the PU Boards, you need the guidance of teachers with excellent experience.

We are building a world-class educational system from the ground up, including recruiting top faculty.

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Extracurricular Activities

Children benefit from extracurricular activities because they allow them to interact with peers and learn to work together toward a common goal. Students can improve their academics, gain self-assurance, and develop leadership abilities through these opportunities.

Supplemental Study

Parents and children alike are increasingly interested in electives outside of the norm, such as Robotics, Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, etc. Many students and parents are interested in additional education opportunities, including, but not limited to, personality development, public speaking training, coding, app development, presentation skills, and foreign language study.

New Education Policy

Now that the New Education Policy has been implemented in several states, students will have more options in terms of where and when they can study and find work. Students today are interested in careers in the arts, such as photography, social media, language, and design. Students enrolled in NEP can combine their math classes with those of other disciplines, such as history or sociology. In addition to not staying in one field for more than a decade, today’s professionals frequently change careers to pursue more personally satisfying pursuits.

Hostel Facilities

Since all the PCMC colleges in Bangalore are day colleges, they cannot afford to provide dormitory accommodations for their students. If you want to study at a PU college but live outside Bangalore, you can find one that has hostels or is close to PGs.


Presidency PU College is committed to providing our students with the best education possible. Ultimately, our efforts will help society as a whole since they will boost the careers of their respective individuals. We are building a world-class educational system from the ground up, including recruiting top faculty. The Presidency PU college is rapidly becoming a premier educational environment. Attracting students from all around the state, it is quickly becoming a byword for high-quality education with an emphasis on practical application. Its unwavering dedication to academic quality is shown in the widespread visibility of its graduates at the nation’s top engineering and medical schools.

Frequently asked questions

PCMC stands for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Science. It is the most popular option among engineering aspirants because it covers all the foundations and places more emphasis on Computer Science.

Presidency College's PCMC program is widely regarded as one of the best in the country. Its graduates achieve great success in a wide range of professional disciplines.

Yes, you must submit the originals of all documents.

Admissions are only granted at the designated period each year as notified by the relevant board.

There are currently four locations of Presidency PU College in the state of Karnataka; three are in Bangalore, and one is in Mangalore.

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