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Fly towards a bright future by learning at one of the best PU colleges in Bangalore for PCMC!

If you dream about working at top tech companies like Infosys, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, studying PCMC in your PU makes the journey much easier. So take the first step in making your dream a reality by studying at Presidency PU College!

Building a successful career is like putting the pieces of a puzzle together – the first piece is to get the best education available, and the rest will come together if you work hard enough. On that note, the PCMC course provided by Presidency PU College, one of the best PU colleges in Bangalore for PCMC, is the best in the industry. If getting into the top engineering colleges is your future goal, then studying at our college will help you get there.

Be Future Ready; A Guide to Various Fields of Engineering

As a student, it is important to have knowledge about the various fields of engineering before selecting the best colleges in Bangalore for PCMC that will cater to your requirements.

Below are a few engineering fields and the work role in the industry:

Common Engineering branches:
  • Computer Science Engineering: One of the most popular branches of engineering; after studying this, you might end up working as a software developer, data analyst, cyber security specialist, computer network architect, etc., with average salaries ranging from Rs. 3-15 LPA based on your skills and experience.
  • Electrical Engineering: Graduating in this will land you in roles such as Power Engineer, Electrical Design Engineer, Instrumentation Engineer, Telecommunications Engineer, etc., with an average salary range of Rs. 2.5-6.5 LPA.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Completing this will have you working as Mechanical Engineer, Production Engineer, Design Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Quality Control Engineer, etc., with a salary average of Rs. 2-10 LPA.
  • Civil Engineering: You can work as a Civil Engineer, Site Engineer, Structural Engineer, Project Manager (Civil), Quantity Surveyor, etc., averaging Rs. 2-12 LPA salary.

In-demand Engineering branches:

  • Automation & Robotics Engineering- Robotics Engineer, Automation Engineer, Control Engineer, and Maintenance Engineer (Robotics) are some of the common job roles in this branch, with an average salary range of Rs. 3.5-10 LPA.
  • ML&AI Engineering: This is one of the most in-demand fields in the future with job roles such as Machine Learning Engineer, Business Intelligence Analyst, Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Data Analyst, etc., with a high salary average of Rs. 4-20 LPA.
  • Biomedical Engineering- Based on experience and job location, one can get an average salary from Rs. 3 LPA to Rs. 12 LPA or more with job designations like Biomedical Research Scientist, Medical Device Engineer, Biostatistician, Biomedical Scientist, etc.
  • Aerospace- This unique branch will get you roles like Aerospace Technician, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME), Avionics Engineer, Aerospace Quality Inspector, and so on salary averaging between Rs. 2.5-12 LPA.


So work in the job role you desire by making the right choice now and study at Presidency PU College, one of the best PU colleges in Bangalore for PCMC.

Get the best education from the best pcb pu colleges in bangalore, only at Presidency College.

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Why join Presidency PU College?

We at Presidency PU College  believe in the holistic development of students, which would benefit not only themselves but also the society we live in. We offer great education with an up-to-date curriculum along with an encouraging learning environment. We provide scholarships for meritorious and economically weak students. Additionally, we have the best-in-class laboratories and classrooms equipped with the latest teaching technologies, hostel, and bus facilities for the ease and comfort of our students.
What else are you waiting for? Study at Presidency PU, one of the best colleges in Bangalore for PCMC, and get your ticket to success!

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Frequently asked questions

PCMC stands for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Science, the four core subjects offered in the Science stream at Presidency PU College, considered one among the best colleges in Bangalore for PCMC.

The teaching methodology for PCMC at Presidency PU College includes lectures, practical sessions, demonstrations, and assessments.

Presidency PU College provides state-of-the-art facilities for its PCMC students, including well-equipped laboratories, a well-stocked library, and access to online resources.

Yes, for students interested in extracurricular activities outside of the classroom, President PU College offers a wide range of co-curricular activities like sports, cultural events, and clubs.

Yes, Presidency PU College provides career counselling and guidance to students studying PCMC to help them explore their career options and make informed decisions about their future making them one of the best PU colleges in Bangalore for PCMC.

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